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Open accounts for you and your customers, transfer funds, earn monthly maintenance fees or on each single transfer or issue debit cards via third parties.

About Georgia

Georgia is strategically located between Europe and Asia. Thanks to rapid development of infrastructure and communications, is becoming increasingly integrated globally.

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The license for Offshore Investment Management, Offshore FX, Crowdfunding, Binaries, and Cryptocurrencies!

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Open accounts for you and your clients, transfer funds, conduct offshore FX & Binary operations, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency exchange, issuing debit cards and a lot more...

Obtain an International Financial Company License from the Republic of Georgia - a prosperous country right on the doorsteps of the European Union and gateway to the Middle East, Russia and Asia. A recognized and licensed entity in the heart of Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia).

Currently no other country is providing entrepreneurs this financial flexibility and freedom as Georgia does and to setup an IFC licensed entity without any additional capital or immense staff requirements. Benefit from it!

Our Assets

•    Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding

•    Investment Advice to Foreigners

•    Portfolio Structuring services to Foreigners

•    Issuing Debit Cards via MasterCard / Visa Principal Members

• Crowdfunding in general

• Offshore Binary Options

• Offshore Asset Management (fiat/crypto)

• Offshore FX

• Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchange & Offshore cryptocurrency trading

Ready-made/seasoned Trust Companies; Investment Funds; Onshore & Offshore Banks; ParaBanks; Electronic Money Institutions; Payment Services Providers; Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other licensed entities; Asset Management Companies; many others... Currently Available for Sale! Great Opportunities! Fast Transfer!